Adidas Finale 12

Adidas Finale 12

In this world there is nothing more eternal than the stars on the Champions League balls, right? Every time we see a new model of the ball, we discover a new variation of the classic logo of five-pointed stars. So today we have a beautiful ball Adidas Finale 12. Let’s try to inspect it.

This is still the same ball as several previous models from a technical point of view. If you manage to erase the stars from this ball, you will not see any differences from Adidas Finale Munich and Adidas Finale 11. There is the same cool embossed coating and glued panels in the form of stars.

As often happens, the main differences are in the design. In this ball you can see an unusual combination of dark lilac and light yellow colors. It looks pretty weird, actually. However, you may recall that these colors are used on tactical tablets by trainers. Such an association will make the perception of this ball more positive. The bizarre patterns inside the stars symbolize the main European geographical locations.

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