Adidas Teamgeist Red

Adidas Teamgeist Red

If you created a masterpiece once, you can create many new masterpieces based on this, right? The guys from Adidas confirm this rule. The revolutionary Teamgeist was not only one of the best sports accessories ever. This ball has also become the basis for a whole line of soccer balls with slight design changes.

This ball consists of rounded panels that are connected to each other using thermal bonding technology. Despite the complaints of some professional players, this technology has become enormous. Today, almost all top soccer balls are produced without the use of seams.

Adidas Teamgeist Red is considered a real classic today. Along with the very first Teamgeist, this ball is a real diamond for any collector of soccer balls. Freestyle football players also value this ball. You can see Adidas Teamgeist Red in the videos of the top freestyle soccer players in the world. Also, this ball was the official ball of such major football tournaments as FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006 and J League 2007.

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