Adidas Europa League 2011/12

The UEFA guys created a very cool tournament In 2008, right? The third in the history of the Europa League was very hot. Since the semi-finals, this tournament has become the venue for the confrontation between clubs in Spain and Portugal. As you remember, the last final was a Portuguese derby. This final became the Spanish derby because in the semifinal match FC Sporting could not score a decisive goal and granted the right to Athletic Club de Bilbao to participate in the final. Thus, two Spanish teams ended up in the final – Atletico Madrid and Athletic Club de Bilbao. The guys from Madrid looked like a locomotive that could not be stopped.

A constant participant in each match was the Adidas Europa League 2011/12. This stylish ball has become a real decoration of the tournament. Technically, the Adidas Europa League 2011/12 is no different from Adidas Tango. We mean the shape of the panels, the technology of thermal bonding, and the updated texture on the outer coating. It’s worth paying tribute to the Adidas engineers, actually. These guys conduct new tests every year and create new designs for covering the balls to achieve perfect aerodynamic conditions. And in this season we see small triangular ledges that interspersed with grooves.

So what about the appearance of this ball? We see a print that is very similar to the print of the previous ball of the Europa League. However, this season, Adidas designers decided to dilute the official color scheme and add a light blue color to the usual yellow and dark red. The combination of orange and blue is the perfect solution for any design. Perhaps that is why UEFA leaders did not object to a slight change in the traditional color scheme of the tournament.


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