Adidas Europa League 2010/11

Adidas Europa League 2010

The second in the history of the Europa League (2010-2011) was a real triumph of Portuguese football. The tournament finale was the meeting place of two Portuguese teams. As you remember, these were FC Braga and FC Porto. Also, this tournament was a triumph for engineers, designers, and managers of Adidas. The contract concluded a couple of years ago ensured the total dominance of the German Giant for many years in the Europa League.

The last ball of the tournament was based on Europass technology, and this ball is based on Jabulani technology. This is a very round ball, which consists of eight panels. Thermal bonding technology was used in connecting the panels. The ball cover is formed by numerous grooves. The ball design provides pretty good aerodynamic performance in all weather conditions. However, some world football stars criticized Jabulani and all similar goals due to unpredictability. However, for soccer freestyle players, this ball is a cult ball. These guys really know about ball control like no other.

What about the look? So the appearance of this ball is the perfect combination of the Jabulani ball panels and the official colors of the Europa League. Dark red and yellow shapes form patterns that look like ball pads. This is a very concise and stylish ball design.


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