Adidas Argentum 2017

Adidas Argentum 2017-18

Adidas Argentum 2017 is the official ball of the Superliga Argentina 2017-2018. The construction of Adidas Argentum 2017 is similar to that of Brazuсa and the balls that are based on this ball. You can remember the balls with this construction in the Europa League, MLS, or Bundesliga.

All of these balls are made up of flat pieces that are heat-sealed. The outer layers of these balls are covered with an unusual texture in the form of protruding rounded dots. This provides excellent aerodynamics and excellent ball control in any weather.

What about the design? We see a noble white background combined with blue-blue clouds. This ball is styled after the colors of the Argentine flag, which also consists of white and blue colors. We can also see the sun sign. This is another element of the Argentine flag, which is associated with the sun god of the ancient Incas. So Adidas Argentum 2017 is a very stylish and colorful ball that is associated with the flag of Argentina. It is truly one of the most beautiful balls ever.


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