Adidas Europa League 2017/18

Adidas Europa League 2017

After a small strange incident that happened to the ball for the last season of the Europa League, the guys from Adidas remembered the traditions. No one can still say what it was. So after a strange red-blue ball, Adidas introduced a new stylish ball for the Europa League 2017-2018.

And this is a very stylish ball, which returns to us our usual colors of the Europa League. In the center of the ball, we see the Europa League logo, which looks like an orange cup with semicircles on a light gray background. Orange semicircles diverge in the lateral direction and alternate with yellow circles. Oh yes, this is the real Europa League. This pattern is similar to the impulses of powerful energy. This energy is sent to all countries of the European continent.

Adidas Europa League 2017/18 is an excellent ball, which is the pinnacle of the development of Adidas engineers. The ideal design of the rounded panels connected by thermal bonding provides an ideal rebound. This ball is great for competitions and training at any level.

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