Adidas Nativo 2

Adidas Nativo 2 is the official ball of the Major League Soccer 2016. This ball has perfect aerodynamics and a pleasant bounce. When juggling with this ball, you will surely feel a pleasant weight. This is not surprising because the Adidas Nativo 2 has the same construction as Adidas Brazuca. The difference between these two balls lies only in design.

And to be honest, the Adidas Nativo 2 has a superb design. This season, Adidas designers decided to move away from patterns that match the panel joints. You may have seen this in the appearance of Adidas Prime 3. Instead, we see a stylish, minimalistic design with small drawings that are placed on a noble white background. Each drawing is a collage in which the flags of the two USA and Canada are combined. As you know, football clubs of these two countries take part in Major League Soccer games. In the center of the main panel, we see the MLS and Adidas logos. A little higher is the signature of the main commissioner of the tournament.

Overall, this is a very high-quality ball. The MLS management took a very right step when choosing an official supplier of balls.

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