Umbro Neo Pro


Umbro is a well-known British company that produces sports equipment. In recent years, the company has expanded and now Umbro also creates ordinary casual clothes. Also, these guys improved their technology for creating soccer balls. This led to the emergence of such cool models as Umbro Neo Pro.

The outer layer of this ball consists of a special microfiber, which improves control and improves traction with the ball during dribbling. The ribbed surface also makes Umbro Neo Pro more controlled. The multilayer structure of synthetic materials has allowed to minimize the weight of the ball. In the era of thermal bonding, this ball looks like a worthy competitor for models from brands such as Adidas and Nike.

The high quality of the ball did not go unnoticed. Umbro Neo Pro has official FIFA approval for matches of all levels. In addition, a variation of this ball was used in the Africa Cup 2019.

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