CAF Umbro Neo Pro

CAF Umbro Neo Pro

CAF Umbro Neo Pro is the official ball of the African Cup of Nations 2019.

After the end of the partnership with Adidas, the top managers of a very strong and vibrant Africa Cup of Nations are looking for a permanent ball manufacturer. The Africa Cup of Nations 2017 was supported by Mitre, the oldest and one of the most renowned soccer ball manufacturers in the world. As a result of this cooperation, we saw a very technological and beautiful CAF Mitre Delta Hyperseam. However, it was a one-year contract and we didn’t see any new Mitre balls in this tournament.

In the new season, the managers of the tournament signed a new contract with another world-famous British company – the supplier of top-class soccer balls. I mean Umbro. The result of this collaboration was excellent CAF Umbro Neo Pro.

This is a stylish ball, the design of which is associated with the national flag of Egypt. It was in this country that the African Cup of Nations 2019 was held. Technologically, this is an excellent ball that consists of fourteen panels. These panels are connected to each other using dense but elastic synthetic threads.

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