Umbro Dynamis


Umbro Dynamis is a special limited edition ball for England national team matches in 2008. So we see a great synthetic leather ball. 20 Umbro Dinamis panels are joined with strong, reliable seams, which are located quite deep. Teijin’s new microfiber material further strengthens the outer layer and makes the ball more controllable. As a result, the ball has a pleasant bounce and good aerodynamic properties.

Like many other Umbro balls, this ball looks very stylish and aristocratic. The combination of gold, black, and velvet blue looks very unusual and noble. By the way, this is a bit like the color scheme of the Adidas Finale Wembley 2013 ball. On a white background, Umbro Dinamis has a stylish rounded pattern that forms a circle. In the center of this circle is the coat of arms of the English National Team and the permanent Umbro logo in the form of double diamonds. Today it is a very rare and valuable ball, especially for fans of English football.

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