Adidas Finale Wembley 2013

Adidas Finale Wembley 2013

Adidas designers love to display various memorable dates in their sketches. In fact, this is a very cool tradition. Of course, the very remarkable year of the Champions League final – 2013 could not go unnoticed for these guys. The fact is that the Champions League final 2012-2013 was played at Wembley Stadium. And the first-ever Champions League final at this stadium was played exactly 50 years ago. Half a century is a serious occasion, isn’t it?

Of course, this is a very serious reason. For such an important day, Adidas introduced a new Adidas Finale Wembley 2013. This is a very stylish and technological ball, which is designed specifically for the final part of the UEFA Champions League.

Technically, this ball is no different from Adidas Finale Madrid. And what about the design? Let’s find out.

The main background of the ball is formed in white. Against this background, we see blue stars that are decorated with a gold pattern in a royal, aristocratic style. The two main stars are the numbers 1963 and 2013, which indicate the dates of the finals at Wembley Stadium. Above these numbers is a star with a golden crown. The purple border around the synapses of nearby stars reminds us that Adidas designers are still top professionals in the world.

This ball became lucky for German football. The 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League Cup went to Munich because the finals were won by FC Bayern München. The second place in the tournament was also won by a German club. This is about Ballspielverein Borussia.


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