Red Bull Streetstyle Lecce Monta Ball



Red Bull Streetstyle Lecce Monta Ball is the official ball for the final part of the 2012 World Cup Freestyle Football in Lecce, Italy. As you can see, this ball is very similar to the official ball of the World Cup Freestyle Football-2010. This is the same lightweight ball made of coarse denim with a large Red Bull logo. But this ball has several features. Firstly, the color scheme of this ball is represented by dark brown and beige colors. Secondly, we see the inscriptions “Monta” on several panels.

Aerodynamic characteristics are similar to those of the Monta Red Bull Street Style. However, both of these balls are significantly different from the classic Monta Red Shinji. A red ball with white dragons is denser and heavier. When juggling or long performing long combinations, you feel the pleasant weight of the Monta Red Shinji. However, both World Cup goals are very light. It takes a lot of time to get used to them.

Quite a few years have passed since the final of Red Bull Street Style 2012. It was a hot battle in the ancient Roman amphitheater, which was stylized as a platform for battles. The world champion in Freestyle Football that year was the magnificent Tokura. This guy from Japan has a surprisingly light and clean style in hardcore tricks and long combinations.

Today, Red Bull Streetstyle Lecce Monta Ball is a very rare ball. You will not be able to see it in any online store. This is a ball from the limited edition, which was not easy to buy even in 2012. Today this ball is a real rarity.

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