Monta Red Shinji


Monta balls were a real revolution at one time. When the subculture of soccer freestyle was only gaining momentum, this ball was a kind of sacred artifact for street football players and freestylers. The very first and most famous model was Monta Red Shinji, also known as Montaball.

In this sports equipment absolutely everything was very unusual. How do you like the idea of a denim soccer ball? Strange, isn’t it? And the guys from the company Monta thought that this is an excellent technology and did not fail. So this ball is really covered in coarse red denim. Incredibly cool design forms the trademark of the company, which looks like a dragon from ancient Japan. The ball quickly became a cult. In many contests, the main prize was exactly Monta Red Shinji.

If you try to train your soccer freestyle skills with this ball, you will be surprised. At first you will think that this is the most uncomfortable ball in the world. However, after a couple of training you will realize that Monta Red Shinji is a very cool ball.

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