Puma MLS 2005


Puma MLS 2005_

In 2003, the managers of MLS signed an agreement with a new partner. This partner is Puma, one of the largest soccer ball manufacturers in the world. The result of this collaboration was the excellent Puma MLS 2005 ball. Puma balls have been in use for three years and have been great seasons with great balls. Puma balls are a bit tight, but very high quality and superb control.

By the way, this is a rather old ball, but we can note a very cool revolutionary technology. We see an unusual coating in the form of many grooves and protrusions. This provides excellent control in all weather conditions. Many balls now have similar technology. For example, the outer layer of Molten balls for the UEFA Europa League is very similar to the outer layer of the Puma MLS balls.

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