Molten Europa League 2019/20 Finale

Molten Europa League 2019 finale

The tradition of introducing new balls for European tournaments appeared quite a long time ago. I could be wrong, but I think it started with the release of the gold Teamgeist for the final match of the World Cup 2006. Each season of the Champions League also has its own special ball for the final stage. As you remember, usually balls for finals or final stages have references to the city or host country of the finals in the design.

So, for the final part of the UEFA Europa League 2019/20, Molten presented their new creation. Molten Europa League 2019/20 Finale is a stylish ball with bright yellow patterns on a white background. By the way, these yellow patterns now cast contrasting shadows that repeat the shape of these patterns. We note the constant follow-up to the traditions of the Europa League by Molten designers. As you can see, each ball has a yellow-orange color. Against this background, we can see the contours of the main stadium in Gdansk (Poland). This city will host the final match of the tournament.

Technologically, Molten Europa League 2019/20 Finale is no different from the previous Molten model. This is an equally great dense ball with a quality rebound and a nice coating in the form of small dimples.

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