Nike Total 90 Ascente

Nike Total 90 Ascente

2009 was a year of change for Nike. At the beginning of this year, the new Nike Total 90 Assente was introduced. This is a very cool ball, which was created for tournaments of the highest level. Engineers from Nike still did not dare to use the innovative technology of thermal bonding, which was already in full swing mastered by their direct competitors from Adidas.

However, they nevertheless presented several innovations. For example, a new mesh layer that covers the ball. It was created specifically to improve aerodynamic performance. Laboratory tests have shown that the Nike Total 90 Assente accelerates faster than all previous Nike balls.

The design of the ball also became fundamentally different. In the classic version, patterns of blue and yellow form figures that look like a football stadium. There are also several other color schemes. Each color scheme is designed for a special tournament.

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