Nike Ordem 3

Nike Ordem 3

Probably around 2013-2014, the engineers and designers of Nike decided to reconsider their views on how a soccer ball should look. These guys were clearly bored with traditional aristocratic colors and they decided to choose something more fun. And here we see an unusually bright, stylish ball, which was created using the technology of thermal bonding.

The construction of this ball is identical to the construction of Nike Ordem 2. But the design here is very unusual. You can see this stylish gradient, which is used for the most perfect vision of the ball. This is actually a very important thing, because many crucial moments in football occur in a split second.

Nike Ordem 3 is the ball that was introduced for Serie A, the LA League and the Premier League 2015-2016. Many other cups and championships have also been held with this beautiful ball.

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