Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis

nike ordem 3 hi vis

Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis is the official ball of the 2015-2016 Premier League winter matches. This ball has surprised many fans of English football. The fact is that the winter version with the already familiar Hi-Vis subscript for the first time turned out to be practically unnecessary because the original summer ball looks very contrasting on any football field in any weather.

However, in order not to abandon a long tradition, Nike introduced the world to a new winter ball for the snow-covered English football fields. Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis is a very bright, contrasting ball that looks like grapefruit because of the color gradients. The dark blue lines go well with the main colors and the white logo. As a result, this is a very comfortable and stylish winter ball that does not have any technological differences from the original summer ball.

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