Nike Incyte La Liga


Nike Incyte La Liga is the official ball of La Liga 2013-2014. The best tournaments get the best balls, right? This is true, as the Spanish Championship is one of the strongest tournaments in the world and Nike Incyte is one of the coolest balls ever. In fact, Nike presents several similar balls for several championships at the start of the season. Therefore, you could see Nike Insight in the championship of Italy, England and, of course, Spain.

The construction of this ball is similar to that of Nike Maxim. In fact, this is Nike’s last ball with threads and seams. Already next year, the American Sports Megacorporation will present a new ball, which is created using thermal bonding technology.

From a design standpoint, this is an excellent ball. The classic white background and bright orange logo are perfectly complemented by dark green patterns. By the way, do these green diamonds remind you of anything?

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