Nike Maxim La Liga

nike_maxim_la liga

Nike Maxim is the official ball of La Liga 2012-2013. So, we see the 5th Nike ball, which consists of rounded panels held together with strong quality threads. Despite the use of stitches and threads, this is a lightweight, high-quality ball with excellent bounce. The grooved surface provides maximum contact with the fielder’s boots and goalkeeper gloves during the hottest moments of the match.

Now let’s take a look at the design of this ball. So, we see the familiar white background, a dark Nike logo, and some stylish patterns. As in the past, Nike designers consulted with ophthalmologists to create the perfect look for the balls. The main goal of these guys is to provide maximum visual control of the ball for players and fans in the most dynamic situations. It is also necessary to notice the perfect color combination. Many famous artists have called the combination of orange and blue the best ever.

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