Nike Flight 2021

nike flight

Nike Flight 2021 is the official ball of the Premier League’s second-half 2020-2021. This ball adequately continues the series of balls, consisting of four large panels. As you remember, it started with Nike Merlin, which was a real technological breakthrough. Nike Flight is the first attempt to date to improve the design of Merlin to get as close to perfection as possible.

A special feature of this ball is the new texture of the outer layer, which looks like indentations in the form of small linear grooves. This reduces air resistance and guarantees the most accurate ball flight. And do not forget about the technology of thermal connection and the revolutionary small number of panels (4 in total). These innovations are creating incredibly advanced soccer ball technology.

So the appearance of this ball is associated with the classic T90 Aerow model. Inside the recognizable blue circle is the image of the main trophy of the Premier League, which is as if in the crosshair. Pretty cool and symbolic, isn’t it?

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