Monta StreetMatch Megatron

monta street match megatron

Monta StreetMatch Megatron is the representative of the new line of soccer balls and panna. Monta purposefully promotes street sports with branded balls that are created specifically for street football and freestyle football. The iconic Monta Red Shinji and Monta Street Matchball are designed specifically for street sports.

Balls that are designed to practice street football skills have special characteristics. This is an increased denim density and reduced rebound. This is a bit like futsal balls.

Monta StreetMatch Megatron has a classic design that is familiar to all football freestyle fans. Monta ball with a Chinese dragon on each panel is a real classic. Ideal conditions for using this ball are smooth wooden coatings or lawn grass. When playing on hard street asphalt, the print may fade over time and begin to fade.


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