Monta Stay True Camo Ball



Monta is a small European company that creates iconic balls for soccer freestyle and street football. Most recently, these guys presented their new masterpiece. So this is Monta Stay True Camo Ball and this ball was created specifically for freestyle football players.

Like other Monta products, Monta Stay True Camo Ball ball has a unique coating of coarse denim. This feature distinguishes Monta brand balls from all other soccer and freestyle soccer balls in the world. The inside of the coating has additional layers that improve rebound and increase ball control. Coarse denim for perfect contact.

You can also see a large “Stay True.” This is the motto of Monta’s new line of balls, which are designed to reveal and improve the creativity of soccer freestyle players. The background of the ball is a typical military color, which consists of several shades of green and brown. You can also see the classic Monta dragons. In conclusion, we see a top-level ball for real street champions.

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