Monta One Inch Streetmatch

What do you associate street football with? What qualities should an ideal street football player have? This is probably incredible footwork, plasticity, and thousands of hours of training, right? All these qualities were possessed by Bruce Lee, who created a whole genre in the cinema. Monta designers were inspired by the Bruce Lee phenomenon during the creation of this incredible Monta One Inch Streetmatch. That is why you see yellow and black colors. These are typical colors of Bruce Lee’s costumes.

By the way, there is another version of the Monta ball in a similar style. This is Monta One Inch Freestyle – a very stylish ball for freestyle football players.

Technically, this is the perfect ball for street football. A low rebound, a rough denim surface, and a great inspirational design – it seems to be a real perfection.  When street football becomes an Olympic sport (I really believe that), Monta balls will be the official balls of major tournaments as Adidas balls become official UEFA Champions League balls.

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