Monta One Inch Freestyle


Monta One Inch Freestyle1

Monta has always supported original and unusual people who have achieved success through an innovative and creative approach. Only the most creative soccer freestylers became ambassadors of this company.

The new ball from Monta is a true symbol of creativity. So this is a bright yellow ball that has black accents. This color scheme is inspired by the combination of colors of Bruce Lee’s costumes. This man presented the world with his vision of martial arts in cinema and made a real revolution. Each successful modern fighting action movie is removed to one degree or another according to the canons of films with Bruce Lee.

Also, we can see a pattern in the form of a nunchuck. This is a traditional ninja weapon that you often could see in films about martial arts. Monta’s immutable dragons also adorn panels that are free of other patterns.

This ball is a typical freestyle soccer ball. Coarse denim and a nice bounce will make your freestyle football training more comfortable and productive. Monta One Inch Freestyle is designed for artificial turf or synthetic turf in the gym.

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