Monta Freestyler Swamp

Monta Freestyler Swamp

This is another freestyle football ball from the iconic Dutch brand. Monta Freestyler Swamp. Monta Freestyler Swamp follows the design of classic Monta balls such as Monta Red Shinji and Monta Street Matchball.

These fabulous dragon-print coarse denim balls appeared in the early 2000s. Since then, Monta brand balls have gained cult status among freestyle soccer players around the world. Now we can see many new unusual balls, however, hexagonal denim panels with a dragon head will never become obsolete and will always be relevant.

Monta Freestyler Swamp is a ball that is ideal for football freestyle. However, if you are used to training with Adidas ball or balls from other brands, you may experience strange sensations at first. It can be quite difficult for you to get 2- and 3-reverse tricks. Unusual bounce can confuse you in the first training session. Your combinations may not be so long. However, after a week of training, you will be convinced that this is the best ball ever. Your records will rise and you will gain incredible control. Just try this one.

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