Molten Europa League 2022/23

Molten Europa League 2022-23

Molten Europa League 2022/23 is the official ball of the UEFA Europa League 2022-2023 season. This is another high-quality, beautiful ball from the Japanese manufacturer Molten. It seems that the partnership between Molten and UEFA is only gaining momentum. This is not surprising, because every new season we see stylish and technological balls.

It’s rather unusual to see a Europa League ball with almost no black elements, isn’t it? We first saw the white and orange ball one season ago. And now again the white-orange color scheme completely dominates.

Technologically, this ball has no differences from the Molten Europa League balls of previous seasons. This is a fairly dense, but resilient ball with excellent coverage. The classic pentagonal and hexagonal panels are joined by heat bonding without the use of seams.

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