Molten Europa League 2020/21


Molten unveils this gorgeous new ball especially for the 2020/21 UEFA Europa League.

We’re the perfect sequel to the traditional bright yellow Europa League branding with new details from Molten. As in previous models, yellow-orange broken lines are present on this ball. Sharp changes in the direction of these lines symbolize the victories and failures that are found in the history of any football club in Europe.

Two angular figures that are heading towards each other symbolize the long journey that each of the two teams travels before the match. An excellent design solution was the complete disposal of the remaining elements of gray and black colors. Unlike previous models, this ball only has a yellow-orange pattern and a white background.

Technologically, this is an excellent artificial leather ball. Molten Europa League 2020/21 consists of classic pentagonal and hexagonal panels. These panels are bonded using thermal bonding technology. We can also note a small novelty: Molten engineers have created a new valve that reduces friction by 40% compared to all previous Molten balls.

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