Molten Europa League 2021/22


Molten Europa League 2021/22 is the official ball of the UEFA Europa League 2021-2022 season. So, the guys from Molten presented a new stylish ball. Technologically, this ball does not differ much from the model of the previous season. While Adidas and Nike are inventing new forms of panels, Molten engineers stick to the good old classics. These are really good old pentagonal and hexagonal panels that are glued together using high temperature and high pressure gluing. This method of joining the panels and the embossed texture of the outer layer guarantee maximum ball control, even in very heavy rainfall.

What about the design? Oh, it’s always nice to describe balls that are part of a tradition. For more than ten years now, bright orange elements have adorned Europa League balls without fail. Except, of course, the 2016/2017 season. Europa League fans still remember this truly unusual ball. But here the traditions are in complete order. Molten have successfully entered into a partnership with UEFA and have been regularly creating excellent balls with bright orange patterns for several years in a row.

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