Molten Europa League 2018/19

Molten Europa League 2018

Molten Europa League 2018/19 is an example that should inspire everyone who does business. Molten is a Japanese company that was known exclusively as a manufacturer of balls for basketball and volleyball. These guys also created soccer balls, but these balls were very rarely seen even by fans of second divisions and local cups.

And suddenly in 2018, we saw a very stylish and high-quality ball from Japanese engineers in the fields of the Europa League. More precisely, it was not entirely sudden. Public relations specialists from Molten held an excellent advertising campaign with the participation of European football stars. We also saw a very moving promotional video about a little football player.

So what is this ball? First of all, let’s mark the design. The classic colors of the Europa League have returned seriously and for a long time. Many fans still do not understand the decision of the Adidas guys to create a red-blue ball for this tournament. However, now everything is in the right place. Bright orange color alternates with yellow in angular patterns on a classic white background.

Molten decided to use the most advanced way to create balls today. We are talking about thermal bonding, which was first used by the guys from Adidas. Japanese engineers have mastered this technology perfectly. As a result, we see a great bouncing ball with excellent aerodynamic characteristics.

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