MLS Kappa

MLS Kappa

MLS Kappa is the official ball of the Major League Soccer 2001-2002. It was the time of the rebirth of the strongest league in North America. At that time, MLS management experimented with ball manufacturers. In 2000, an agreement was signed with the Italian corporation Kappa. As a result, the world received a very high-quality MLS Kappa ball, which was used for one full season as the official ball of the tournament.

MLS Kappa is a tight ball with good aerodynamics. Football players had to do some practice to get used to this ball. However, after a couple of weeks, many football stars claimed that it was one of the best balls ever.

MLS Kappa has a blue-green color scheme, the signature of the MLS Commissioner and the MLS logo. This is a wonderful tradition that has unexpectedly continued in 2020.

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