MLS Jabulani



MLS Jabulani is the official ball of MLS 2010-2011. Technologically, this ball does not differ from classic Adidas Jabulani. As you remember, Jabulani had quite different reviews. The goalkeepers were not particularly happy with the ball, but many field superstars said it was the best ball ever. However, Adidas offered balls to many leagues that were similar in design to Jabulani. For example, UEFA Europa League received the Adidas Europa League 2010/11, and and the Bundesliga got a very nice Adidas Torfabrik 2010/2011.

MLS Jabulani has no differences from these balls except for the design. We see the official colors of the North American Championship – blue and green, which form the already familiar Jabulani pattern on a white background. In the very center, we see the first MLS logo and the Adidas logo. In fact, the MLS Jabulani is a very high quality ball with excellent bounce and a nice relief surface. Today it is a rare ball that you can only buy in online stores.


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