Derbystar Brillant APS 2020

The guys from Select call their creation a real diamond. Derbystar Brillant APS 2020 is a really beautiful ball. But it should be noted that the design of this ball was developed not only to achieve the perfect appearance. Experts from Select have carried out many tests and found that this color ensures the perfect perception of the ball on the football field, even in the most dynamic moments of the game.

Technologically, it is a tight, quality ball with good bounce and predictable flight. 32-panel construction and unusual coating in the form of small convex triangles. Like other balls from the Danish brand, this ball has many fans due to its excellent control and quality grip on goalkeeping gloves and field players’ boots.

So Derbystar Brillant APS 2020 is the official ball of the Bundesliga 2020-2021. This is the fifth ball from the Danish sports corporation for the top German championship (taking into account the winter balls). We hope that the cooperation between the Bundesliga and Select will continue and we will see many more stylish and technological balls.

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