Derbystar Brillant APS 2019 Winter Ball

Officials in European football leagues can change ball suppliers, but one thing always remains the same. We are referring to the tradition of presenting the ball for the winter season. As a rule, this is a bright orange ball (although there are exceptions) with a pattern identical to that on a summer ball.

Especially for the 2019-2020 season, Select has presented its new product Derbystar Brillant APS 2019 Winter Ball. This is a traditional, bright orange winter ball with a golf ball texture and a 32 panel construction. The panels are connected with seams. However, these are very strong and reliable seams that are located at the very depth of the panels.

This ball is quite dense and has a rather unusual bounce compared to other brands of balls. Many outfield players say it is a great ball that delivers accurate passes and perfect dribbling control. Goalkeepers report good grip on gloves and a predictable flight path. The Derbystar Brillant APS 2019 Winter Ball is a really high quality ball that is suitable for winter soccer matches of all levels.

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