Delta Max FA Cup 21-22


Mitre Delta Max FA Cup is the official ball of the FA Cup 2021-2022. It is truly one of the most English balls ever. First, Mitre is the oldest brand that makes soccer balls. Along with Umbro, Mitre is one of the most famous sports corporations in England. Secondly, the color scheme of this ball is associated with the colors of the English flag. Thirdly, this ball was created for the oldest English football tournament, which is also the oldest football tournament in world history.

In terms of technology, Mitre Delta Max FA Cup is also a very cool ball. Here we can see the combination of the advantages of seam technology and heat sealing.

Many ball manufacturers create their own technologies for the outer layer of balls. For example, Adidas created Europass, Nike introduced Total 90 Ascente and since then new forms of relief have been constantly created. Mitre also presented their technology. Therefore, we can see an unusual relief formed from many bumps and grooves.

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