Adidas WC European Qualifier

Adidas WC European Qualifier is the official qualifying ball for the 2018 World Cup in the European Zone. The design of this ball is related to the most important part of a football match – the fans. The ingenious guys from Adidas used photographs taken by football fans during the most dramatic moments of football matches. So we see stylish drawings in the form of photographs from the stands in bright red. The combination of dark shapes with red and blue highlights looks really impressive.

Technologically, this ball does not differ from Brazuca. This is why we see superb rebound, unrivaled aerodynamic properties and a special exterior texture. This texture provides maximum control even in the worst weather conditions.

By the way, there are many Adidas balls that have Brazuca’s construction and a variety of cross-shaped patterns. For example, this is Adidas Torfabrik 2017/2018 or Adidas Europa League 2017/18. All these balls are the pinnacle of sports technology.

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