Adidas Wawa Aba

Adidas Wawa Aba1

This is probably the brightest and most colorful ball of all made using Europas and Teamgeist technology. We are referring to these familiar round panels which are connected by thermo-gluing. We are talking about Adidas Wawa Aba, which was created specifically for the Africa Cup of Nations 2008.

The design, jumping ability and aerodynamic characteristics of this ball are no different from those of Adidas Europass.

From the point of view of design, it’s quite interesting that there is no typical minimalism for Adidas. Designers of this company, as a rule, create bright balls, on which drawings are applied in the form of symbols, flags, emblems or other signs. Now we see the whole ball which is stylized as the flag of Ghana. It was this country that hosted the African Cup of Nations in 2008. This is a rather bold and successful experiment by Adidas designers, in fact.


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