Adidas Tango 12 Final Kyiv

Adidas Tango 12 Final Kyiv

The guys from Adidas have created a great tradition. Introducing the ball with a new design to the tournament finals is really cool. The final match becomes even more memorable and you can always touch the “piece” of the finals or even conduct a little training with this piece.

The final of the European Championship 2012 in Kiev was no exception. The battle between the national teams of Italy and Spain was carried out using the new Adidas Tango 12 Final Kyiv. As in other cases, this ball differs from the original version only in design. You can see a combination of white and silver colors that emphasizes the solemnity of the match. Like all final balls, Adidas Tango 12 Final Kyiv is rare.

This is a very high quality and nice ball. It is ideal for practicing juggling or soccer freestyle tricks. You can also use this ball for excellent corner or free kick training.

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