Adidas Speedcell

Adidas Speedcell is the official Adidas ball that is technologically identical to Adidas Jabulani. As you may recall, Jabulani received conflicting reviews. Many soccer superstars have said it was a masterpiece. Other top-class players, especially goalkeepers, have argued that this is a terrible ball that cannot be controlled and fixed with gloves. Note that this happens with every revolutionary new ball. Even Teamgeist and Europass were initially criticized by many superstars. Today these balls are considered masterpieces.

The Adidas Speedcell is a technical ball that consists of eight panels of different shapes and sizes. The panels are bonded to each other using thermal bonding. Like the past products of the German corporation, the Adidas Speedcell has no seams. The outer layer of the ball is covered with a special texture in the form of ridges and grooves. It is a special layer that improves ball control in bad weather conditions.

So let’s take a look at the design of this ball. This is a stylish, unusual ball, which is decorated with a triangular pattern with many blurry lines. The shape and style of the drawing are associated with speed and dynamism – components of the most interesting football matches. Multiple shades of blue, yellow, and green that blend into each other accentuate the blur effect at high speed.

By the way, the Adidas Speedcell has become the official ball of many tournaments such as the FIFA Club World Cup 2010 or the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. In conclusion, Adidas Speedcell is a top-class ball that will eventually become a real rarity.

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