Adidas Questra Europa

Adidas Questra Europa

Adidas Questra Europa is the official ball of the 1996 UEFA European Championship. This ball is very similar to the 1994 FIFA World Cup ball. However, in this case the space-style pattern is replaced with a medieval England pattern.

In those days, Adidas engineers experimented with the number of layers that form the synthetic coating of the ball. Therefore, Adidas Questra Europe has a coating consisting of five different materials, among which there is a polyurethane layer. This foam material makes the ball soft and light. 

The color scheme has also changed. As you can see, this ball has blue and red colors – for the first time in the history of balls for the UEFA European Championships. These timid first steps by the Adidas designers marked the beginning of a great trend, thanks to which we can see balls like Uniforia and Frakas.


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