Adidas Pelias 2

Adidas Pelias 2 is the official ball of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2005. This is one of the first balls in the world with no seams in the construction. Adidas Pelias 2 based on Adidas Roteiro, which was the official ball for the 2004 UEFA Europa Cup and has received excellent reviews from European football superstars.

The name of the ball is associated with the myths of ancient Greece. For me this is a huge plus because I adore everything related to ancient culture. Pelias is a relative of Jason, who led the Argonauts’ campaign for the golden fleece. According to legend, Pelias was the son of Poseidon, the god of the seas and oceans. And this name comes from the first version of the ball, which was the official ball of the 2004 Olympics in Athens. By the way, the first version of this ball had a similar constructions.

So this ball consists of 32 panels that are heat-sealed. The main part of the surface of the ball is occupied by a large pattern, in the center of which there is a lighter pattern. This is a very stylish and technological ball, which is a real rarity today.


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