Adidas Orlando Pirates Ball

Adidas Orlando Pirates Ball

There are balls that are quite valuable because of their rarity, and not because of technology. Adidas Orlando Pirates belongs to this category. In the age of thermal bonding, Adidas engineers created a ball that consists of rounded plates with ordinary cotton threads. The ball design is similar to Adidas F50 ball, which was used at Red Bull Street Style.

This is a very delicate and thin coating, decorated with a stylish print in the form of a skull and bones.This ball is not for matches that are held on the deck of a pirate ship. It is a special ball that was released in honor of the Orlando Pirates football team. These guys are one of the best teams on the African continent.

If you saw this ball on sale, you should immediately buy it. In fact, this is a very big rarity, because this ball was produced in a limited quantity.


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