Adidas F50 Xite



In fact, adidas F50 collections are used, for the most part, by amateur athletes. World Championships and tournaments on the continents are held by more famous ball models. Despite the fact that the F50 have an interesting design and good characteristics, these are very little-known balls.

So it was before the first Red Bull Street Style World Cup freestyle football  2008. That was before the first Red Bull Street Style World Cup tournament in history. After this competition, the F50 ball became a cult ball among soccer freestylers. The winner of the tournament was Sean from France. He used the F50 ball in some appearances, and then he decided to promote his own brand, Urban Ball.

Today, this ball is very difficult to find even in online stores. If you could get this beautiful F50, please do not use it to play soccer. The outer part of this ball is a thin synthetic coating that easily breaks from contact with hard surfaces.


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