Adidas Nativo Questra

Adidas Nativo Questra is the official ball of MLS 2019. This ball is dedicated to 1994 Adidas Questra ball. As you remember, this is the official ball of the 1994 World Cup in the USA. The Adidas Questra has been adorned with black and white patterns of stars, planets, and space in honor of the landing of US astronauts on the moon.

The new ball is also associated with space. Adidas Nativo Questra has a cosmic color scheme that also matches the colors of the US and Canada flags. In the center of the large panels is a red, blurry ball, which looks like the silhouette of a huge red star. This ball smoothly turns into a blue background, on which the outlines of small distant stars and planets are located. The Questra 1994 ball logo is localized under the Adidas logo. We can also see the signature of the MLC Chief Commissioner. It’s a great tradition that started with the very first MLS ball.

The Adidas Nativo Questra does not differ from Adidas Telstar 2018. Therefore, this ball has a perfect rebound and top aerodynamic characteristics.

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