MLS Mitre Ultimax

MLS Mitre Ultimax is the official ball of Major League Soccer seasons 1996-2000.

MLS is a championship that brings together two huge multinational countries. Therefore, the official ball must meet the high requirements of a tournament of this level, as well as the requirements of FIFA. The British company Mitre was the ideal partner for such an important tournament. As you know, Mitre is the oldest official ball maker in the world.The organizers of the MLS felt a huge responsibility due to the fact that 1996 was the year of the first MLS season in history. Every detail mattered. That is why the MLC management chose Mitre as their partners.

MLS Mitre Ultimax is an unusual, non-standard ball. British engineers preferred the ball’s special design, which consisted of long, elongated panels. These balls were like volleyball balls. It was a pretty daring move, in fact, when you consider the total dominance of balls with angular panels.

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