Adidas Nativo 3

In the 2017 season, Major League Soccer received a new magnificent ball. This is Adidas Nativo 3  that is based on Adidas Brazuсa. This means that we have a very cool seamless ball with top-end aerodynamics.

In 2017, Adidas designers decided to use the cross as the main ball pattern. We could see similar balls in the Bundesliga and in the UEFA Europa League. However, the Adidas Nativo 3 stands out among such balls with the most striking and uncompromising design. We see a large cross that combines elements of the Canadian and American flags. The edges of this cross are slightly blurred to emphasize the dynamism and drama of football. It looks like the image of national flags is becoming a new tradition of MLS balls, isn’t it?

We also see strict adherence to another tradition. We mean the signature of the Chief Commissioner of the MLS, which is located on each official ball of the tournament.

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