Adidas Ligue 1 14-15

Adidas Ligue 1 14-15

Adidas Ligue 1 14-15 is the official ball of Ligue 1 2014-2015. Surely football fans at first glance have identified the ball on the basis of which this Adidas Ligue 1 14-15 is created. Of course, this is Brazuсa. This guarantees excellent flight, perfect rebound, and a very high degree of control. Brazuca and all its derivatives are composed of six flat panels that are joined at high temperatures and pressure.

Like many other Adidas balls, Adidas Ligue 1 14-15 does not have a single seam. The thermal bonding technology and the textured texture of the outer layer guarantee perfect adaptation to all weather conditions. The multi-layer structure, including a layer of polyurethane foam, is responsible for pleasant weight and high-quality rebound in the most dynamic game moments.

What about the design? We see a stylish variation of Brazuca with a classic white background and an abstract pattern that matches the line of the panels. The combination of gray, orange, and pink colors on a white background very well emphasizes the technological structure of the ball.

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