Adidas Finale Roma

Adidas Finale Roma

Do you think that the idea of creating new balls for the finals of major tournaments is a classic commercial idea for increasing profits? You are probably right. But there is also a pleasant side effect – every year we get a new ball that looks like a work of art. At least we can say that with respect to Adidas Finale Roma. Let’s get to know this ball.

So we see a ball that is made using the same technology as Europass. These are the same round panels that are connected by thermal bonding and the goose-skin texture, which is well known to us. And we saw the same construction of the ball in the two previous models of balls for the Champions League.

But the designers have created a real new masterpiece. Champions League Final 2009 was held in Rome and, of course, there are antique elements in the design of the ball for the final.

And we can see the figures in the antique style, which are located inside each star. These are ancient athletes who personify the qualities necessary for a champion, such as strength, speed, teamwork and honesty. The color scheme of the ball also creates associations with the mantles and armor of ancient warriors. It should be noted that this is the first ball for the Champions League, where the stars are connected using a wide edging. It looks really cool.

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