Adidas Finale Petersburg

adidas spb

Adidas Finale Petersburg is the official ball of the final of the UEFA Champions League 2021/2022. So, we see a bright, gorgeous ball with a bright background and white stars. The background of this ball is stylized in the urban style of St. Petersburg. Inside one of the white stars is the coat of arms of St. Petersburg. This is an image of river and sea anchors, symbolizing that St. Petersburg is both a sea and a river port at the same time.

As you can see, Adidas again decided to return to the concept of white stars and a bright background.The last ball was a familiar combination of painted stars and a white background, while several years before that we had seen exceptionally colorful balls. It is said that the final balls will now have white stars and a bright background, while the group stage balls will have a classic look.

The construction of this ball is the same as the previous five UEFA Champions League balls.

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