Adidas Finale 5

Adidas Finale 5 is the official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2005-2006. It is quite an important ball in the history of football because it is the last Champions League ball, made up of 32 pentagonal and hexagonal panels. However, it is a very stylish ball that has a classic Champions League design. Blue stars on a white background – what could be more minimalistic and more beautiful?

By the way, for the first time in the Champions League balls, we can see the stylish black edging of each star. There is a silver stripe between the edging and the main color of the star. It is reminiscent of the silver stadium floodlights against the night sky.

Technologically, this is one of the most advanced balls of its time. This ball’s panels are connected using thermal bonding technology. The guys at Adidas first used this revolutionary way of connecting panels during the creation of Roteiro. In general, the Adidas Finale 5 is a copy of Roteiro, except for the design. Adidas Finale 5 got a good ad campaign. Champions League superstars tested this ball and described it as the perfect ball. Now, this ball is a real rarity. Only fans of the Champions League can own such an iconic and rare ball.

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